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Hidden Persuasion

One of the most important reasons why ad people can’t always communicate with marketeers is that they like to take decisions on gut feeling, while marketeers prefer to be convinced by evidence-based cases. There’s a bit of a Catch22 here, since creative agencies per definition try out completely new things that go unprecedented. However, if… More.


Let’s skip the Dutch

Jules Tervoort and Mischa Rozema (Post Panic) present the making of the ambitious international feature film ‘Sundays.’ Foto credit: Merten Snijders. A gutsy blogpost by Bert Hagendoorn resulted in a dedicated Creatie magazine and first live-event at Pakhuis de Zwijger, both brand named Dutch Digital Design. With founding father Hagendoorn in the lead, this first event… More.


The art and science of great ideas

Dr. Ysbrand van der Werf, Wouter Boon and Dr. Matthijs Baas at the launch of ‘Defining Creativity.’ “You seem to be the creative type” is a strange little combination of words I hear every once in a while when I find myself getting to know someone new. What it means, I don’t know. I’ve always figured… More.


Marchildon, Kamp and Rijsdijk win ADCN pitch

Last Thursday we were invited for the grande finale of the ADCN pitch, organised together with APG and Jonge Honden. The workshop was a contest among young ambitious strategists and creatives, who were asked to translate a briefing by Knorr (Unilever) and STER (National TV ad publisher) into a solid ad campaign. It was not… More.


Dutch Digital Design

There is a new brand in town; Dutch Digital Design, celebrating the best digital design, not just from agencies, but also aesthetic and innovative designs by start-ups and independent creatives. The brand is an initiative by Bert Hagendoorn, who works as independent consultant for many digital (and non-digital) agencies. The brand will kick-off in collaboration… More.


X-Pollination #11

Last Thursday we attended the 11th edition of X-Pollination. The event, held twice a year, brings together creative professionals to – as the name suggests – cross-pollinate the industry. This edition was hosted by Random Studio at their recently redesigned office in West. When entering the office the first thing we noticed was the strong garlic… More.


‘The Ripple’ wins MassiveMusic’s MMX guitar contest

About a year ago MassiveMusic decided to give away a custom designed Gibson – in the colors of its visual identity. The contest was simple; conceive a nickname for the guitar and the best name will win the guitar. Wouter Boon – strategist and editor at Amsterdam Ad Blog – won the guitar dubbing it… More.